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Is a lens replacement treatment right for me?

A lens replacement treatment is not always possible. That is why you will first have a preliminary examination and a meeting with the ophthalmologist before the treatment. If a lens replacement treatment is not possible for you, you can discuss the other options with the doctor.

Lens replacement treatment may be right for you:

If you are farsighted and/or have presbyopia;
If you are over 40 years of age and other treatments are not suitable for you;
If you are older than 55 and the benefits of lens replacement treatment are greater than those of laser treatment;
If your corneas are too thin for laser eye surgery;
If your strength has been the same for at least a year;
If your overall health is good.

Lens replacement treatment may not be right for you:

Certain diseases, such as diabetes, herpes, hepatitis C, or an autoimmune disease (for example, rheumatism or lupus)
During pregnancy or if you are breast-feeding;
If you have a pacemaker;
If you are taking medicines that suppress your immune system;
With scars on the cornea;
If you have (had) certain eye injuries or retinal detachments.

Otto Wolter