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Can all eye disorders be treated with laser eye surgery?

  • Most ‘general’ eye disorders can be treated with laser eye surgery.
    Myopia (minor strength). Nearsightedness, also called myopia, means that you can see at a short distance but everything that is far away is blurred.
    Hyperopia (plus strength). With farsightedness (hyperopia), you cannot see objects close by clearly. For example, you have to make an effort to read fine print.
    Presbyopia (presbyopia). Due to a natural aging process, the eye has difficulty focusing close-up.
    Cylinder abnormalities (astigmatism). You can see less well because the eye is not perfectly round, but looks more like a rugby ball.Which form of laser treatment is most suitable for you, depends on your strength, among other things.
  • TransPRK: Sf -1.00 tot Sf -5.00 Dpt. tot Cil -1.50
  • IntraLASIK: Sf +7.00 tot Sf -11.00 Dpt. tot Cil -6.00
  • Relex SMILE: Sf -0.75 tot Sf -12.00 Dpt. tot Cil -6.00
  • Lensvervangende behandeling: Sf -20.00 tot S +10.00 DPT tot Cil -6.00
Otto Wolter