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How is the recovery after the treatment?

This depends on the treatment you have had.

TransPRK: After the anesthetic has worn off, your eyes may be sensitive for a few days until the outer layer has grown back. You can compare it to a scrape. You can use analgesic eye drops for this pain. You can resume your activities after about 3 to 4 days. It takes about a week before you see almost completely sharp. After about 6 months your vision will be the same as with the IntraLASIK and ReLEx® SMILE.

IntraLASIK: You will be irritated for a few hours after the anesthetic has worn off. Your eyes feel burning. After about 4 hours this feeling will disappear and you will see much better. You can resume most activities the next day. After about 3 days you can see much better and after 6 months the vision is optimal.

ReLEx® SMILE: After the anesthetic has worn off, you will feel some irritation in the eye. It looks like you have a piece of fluff in your eye. This feeling lasts for about an hour. You can resume almost all activities the next day. It takes about a week that you can see clearly and here again, your vision is optimal after 6 months.

Of course every person is different. The healing process can therefore be faster or slower for you than outlined above.

Otto Wolter