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How soon can I go back to work after laser eye surgery?

Most people can go back to work the day after treatment. A few hours after the treatment, the uncomfortable feeling is already gone. You can see clearly enough to be able to work.

You will have a check-up the morning after your treatment. If there are no details, you can go to work after the check.

Have you had a TransPRK treatment? Then the recovery takes a little longer because the front of the eye has to recover first. You also have a bandage lens on your eye. You will return to the clinic after a few days to have the lens removed. Therefore, it may take about 3-4 days before you can go back to work.
People who have had lens replacement treatment can usually return to work after 1-2 days.

Although you can go back to work relatively quickly after a treatment, your eyes will take longer to fully recover. The eye must stabilize, this can sometimes take a few weeks to six months. Visibility will continue to improve during this time.

Otto Wolter