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What does the Wavefront option mean with intraLASIK and TransPRK?

At Visus Eye Clinic we use the most advanced technologies. This allows us to offer an additional Wavefront treatment for IntraLASIK and TransPRK treatments. You can certainly benefit from this if you are sensitive to light and glare. After the treatment, your vision is better at night and contrasts are more visible than with a treatment without Wavefront.

How much you see also depends on visual disturbances known as aberrations. Aberrations are caused by small bumps and dimples in the cornea. They scatter light, making you less able to see.

Certain aberrations can be remedied with standard laser eye surgery. Other aberrations can lead to vision problems, such as decreased contrast sensitivity, decreased night vision, glare, shadows or halos. These are corrected as much as possible by the Wavefront treatment.
Clinical research* has shown that patients see better at night and suffer less from light circles (halos) and glare (glares) after a Wavefront treatment.

Otto Wolter