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What does the wavefront treatment entail?

The Schwind Amaris 1050RS has been in the Visus eye laser clinic since July 2013. This excimer laser meets the latest and highest quality requirements. The treatment results of this laser are therefore among the best in the world. In many cases, the results of the laser treatment can be improved even more by performing a corneal wavefront. With this additional treatment, the corneal analyzer of the Schwind laser draws up a treatment plan, in which the eye strength is combined with the aberrations and irregularity of your cornea. The laser eye treatment that we then perform is tailor-made specifically for your eye. A wavefront can only be performed in combination with a laser treatment (strength change).

Vision problems such as reduced contrast sensitivity, poor visibility in the evening, glare effects, shadows and halos are less common with treatment according to the wavefront method. On average, eyes need 4-6 months to fully recover. What you see in the first months in terms of contrast and poor visibility in the evening and twilight is not indicative of the end result.

During the preliminary examination, the wavefront treatment will be discussed with you, if this applies to you.

Otto Wolter