To improve the quality of care, we will hold a training day for the entire team on 6 July. On that day we can only be reached on the emergency number for acute cases. We apologize for any inconvenience.
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What is SmartPulse Technology?

The Schwind Amaris Excimer laser is the only one that uses the so-called SmartPulse technology. With SmartPulse, the surface of the cornea can be made extra smooth, which has a beneficial effect on the sharpness of vision. Immediately after a treatment in which the SmartPulse technology has been used, many patients are pleasantly surprised when they notice how sharp their vision is again.
Research has shown that people see sharply again after TransPRK with SmartPulse than without. The doctors who participated in the study also saw that the top layer of cells recovered faster and that patients had less pain with SmartPulse.

Otto Wolter