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Which laser method should I choose? TransPRK, Intralasik or Relex SMILE

All treatments have pros and cons. So it is difficult to say which treatment is best for you. That depends, among other things, on your own preference, your circumstances (such as work, sports) and the eye defect you have.

We will of course inform you in detail about all the advantages and disadvantages of the various treatment methods, so that you can make your own choice. However, you can never make a wrong decision. All methods are safe, effective and have a very high chance of success.

TransPRK: In this treatment, the outer thin layer of the cornea is removed. You will be given a protective bandage lens in your eye for a few days after the treatment. The total treatment time is only about 30 seconds per eye.

IntraLASIK: In this treatment, the doctor makes a flap with the VisuMax laser. The underlying tissue is then treated with the excimer laser. The treatment takes between 2 to 5 minutes per eye.

Relex SMILE: In this treatment, a kind of lens is made under the surface of the cornea with the VisuMax laser. The surgeon then uses the laser to make a small opening in the cornea to remove the lens. This treatment also ultimately takes between 1 to 5 minutes per eye.

Otto Wolter