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Why should I choose laser eye surgery instead of glasses or contact lenses?

After laser treatment, you can see clearly again without glasses or contact lenses. That is already a big advantage when you get up in the morning, but it also makes a world of difference in sports, work and other activities. With glasses it is almost impossible to do contact sports, such as karate or judo, while contact lenses are difficult for water sports, such as swimming.

We also hear from people that they feel more confident without glasses or contact lenses. It’s not just about appearance. It can be an unpleasant feeling in some situations to be dependent on a tool.

There is also a risk of long-term complications with contact lenses. Because lenses are placed on the eye, they reduce the supply of oxygen. This makes infections more likely, even if you handle your lenses very hygienically. This does not mean that wearing contact lenses is completely discouraged. It should only be seen as a temporary solution.

Otto Wolter