Mandy van den Berg

Mandy van den Berg, Orange lioness and European champion, has entrusted her eyes to the specialists of Visus eye clinic.

As captain, Mandy van den Berg became European champion in 2017 with the Orange Lionesses. Meanwhile, the 29-year-old Naaldwijkse has fallen out of the picture with the Dutch national team, but she enjoys life as a professional football player at PSV. In addition to an active football career, Mandy is also often a guest as a football analyst on radio and TV.

For years it has been a great wish of Mandy to be able to play football without her contact lenses. The experienced team of Visus eye clinic was ready to help her. Our specialists have successfully treated Mandy with the Relex SMILE method. Thanks to the rapid recovery from this treatment, Mandy did not miss any training and was able to fully focus on her return to the highest level.

“I would like to see well without the use of aids such as contact lenses and glasses.”

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Video ervaring

In de video deelt Mandy haar ervaring met Visus Oogkliniek en vertelt ze waarom zij voor Visus heeft gekozen.

button-play-1 Mandy van den Berg De keuze voor VISUS Oogkliniek
button-play-1 Mandy van den Berg Dag na de behandeling
button-play-1 Mandy van den Berg Gaat voor een Relex Smile behandeling

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  • 5 sterren Very knowledgeable physicians who will answer any question...

    Very competent doctors who patiently answer every question and create a realistic picture. The nurses and ladies at the front desk are also very friendly and helpful. The stress doll I received during surgery has been given a nice spot on my closet. Many thanks from a very sharp looking and satisfied customer.

    C. van den Berg - 14 December 2021
  • 5 sterren Great result

    Just over a year ago I had my eyes lasered. For the first few months one eye still had a reasonable deviation. It is now almost completely gone and I can see super sharp again. Thanks Visus!

    Ivan - 8 December 2021
  • 5 sterren Relex Smile…

    I had the Relex-Smile treatment in July 2020, my left eye was -5.75 and my right eye was -5.50. The treatment itself took no more than 10 minutes, after that I suffered from stinging eyes for a few days but vision was 100% almost immediately. I doubted for a long time but now I am so happy. Thank you Visus...

    Renate Rasic - 9 January 2022
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