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Lowest price guarantee

Do you see that a laser treatment is offered at a different clinic at a lower price than with us? Then you will also receive the treatment with us for that price.

Although quality and safety are of course paramount when choosing a clinic, we understand that price also plays an important role. You don’t have to look any further, because we guarantee that you will pay the lowest price at Visus Eye Clinic.

How can we offer the lowest price?
Visus Oogkliniek treats the largest number of patients per month of all (laser eye) clinics. This allows us to offer competitive rates.

Are there hidden costs?
We love transparency. That is why we apply an all-in rate, including all follow-up checks and treatments. Moreover, the price does not depend on your strength. So you will never be faced with unpleasant surprises with us.

Lowest price guarantee conditions

This Lowest Price Guarantee only applies to clinics that meet the quality requirements of ZKN and to clinics that use the latest lasers (3rd generation) (see the table).

In addition, you inform one of our employees in advance of the laser treatment that you have seen the treatment cheaper elsewhere. Applications submitted after the processing date will not be considered.

The lowest price guarantee applies to the TransPRK (wavefront), Intralasik (wavefront) and RelexSmile treatment.
Temporary offers that are not offered directly via the healthcare provider, but for example via discount websites such as Groupon, are not used as a reference point.

We ask you to contact us. Our employee will immediately check with you whether the Lowest Price Guarantee applies.

Conditions guarantee scheme



  • 3th generation (2014- 2018)

    • Schwind Amaris 1050
    • Wavelight EX500
    • Technolas 317 Taneo
    • -
  • 2th generation (2000-2010)

    • Schwind Amaris 750
    • Wavelight Concerto 500
    • Technolas 217p
    • -
  • 1th generation (1990-2000)

    • Schwind Amaris 500
    • Allegretto Wavelight Eye-Q 400
    • Technolas 117
    • Schwind Amaris 500

Do you want to know how others have experienced their laser eye treatment?

  • 5 sterren Still immensely happy with it!

    It has now been 2.5 years since I had the ReLEx SMILE treatment and I should have done it much earlier! Treatment itself really only takes a few minutes and you feel 0.0 pain! It was really great to have sharp vision immediately after the treatment, which is still the case after 2.5 years!

    Joey Janssen - 20 May 2023
  • 5 sterren Got treated last Friday for...lens replacement

    Was treated last Friday for a lens replacement. And really feels like a miracle I could see everything clearly again the next morning even the small print. Had follow-up checkup and all is well. Very friendly doctor and also all the other staff. If I had known about this earlier I would definitely have done it earlier. Still in the healing phase so it can only get better. Even better? Wow am already so happy. Am very grateful.

    Mirjam Bouwmeester - 12 May 2023
  • 5 sterren Nice and professional people and a super result!

    Visus performed RLE treatment (lens replacement) on both my eyes in 2021. There was excellent contact, information and guidance throughout. To this day, I am very satisfied with the result. I see super sharp and no longer even need reading glasses, not even for the very small print. As far as I am concerned, this clinic is highly recommended.

    R. van Barneveld - 12 May 2023
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