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Why does not every laser eye clinic offer the Relex SMILE method?

We think it is important to give our patients a great freedom of choice and therefore offer all treatments.

The VisuMax laser, the only laser with which the ReLEx® SMILE treatment can be performed, requires an investment of more than 1 million euros. Not all clinics can afford to purchase the VisuMax. In addition, the manufacturer of the VisuMax (Zeiss) only certifies the best surgeons to be allowed to perform ReLEx® SMILE treatments.

Unfortunately, some clinics state on their website that they do not offer this treatment as it would not be a safe method. Unfortunately, this causes unrest among patients. Very unjustified, because the method has been proven safe and effective. After all, if it were not a safe method, Visus Oogkliniek would not offer the treatment.

Otto Wolter