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Relex® SMILE

The Relex® SMILE laser eye method is currently the most advanced laser eye method in the world. The method is accurate, safe and has less risk of complications than other laser treatment methods.

Visus Oogkliniek has a specialist in-house, Otto Wolter, who was the first to apply the method in the Netherlands. Because of his expertise, Otto is regularly asked to talk about ReLEx SMILE at medical conferences.


Treatment overview

  • Between 18 and 45 years
  • Only at strengths between -1 and -10
  • Maximum strengths may not always be possible
  • Not with plus strength
  • More comfortable to undergo than IntraLasik
  • Suitable for contact sports and extreme professions

ReLEx SMILE in short:
  • Patient Friendly: Fast recovery, less risk of complications due to smaller incision

  • The flapless treatment: Because no flap is created during treatment, the patient does not have to worry about a possible shift.

Make an appointment Am I suitable

A month after my laser eye treatment, I became the Dutch Air Rifle shooting champion.

Peter Hellenbrand - Olympic sharpshooter

How does ReLEx® SMILE work

With the Relex® SMILE, the doctor only makes a small opening of 2 to 4 millimeters in the cornea with the VisuMax laser. With the laser, the doctor makes a wafer-thin slice of tissue (lenticule). This disc is then removed through the small opening.

  1. Anesthesia Your eye is first numbed with eye drops. As a result, you will not feel any pain during the treatment

  2. Formation of the lenticule The surgeon uses the laser to make a kind of lens in the corneal tissue: the lenticule. Then the surgeon uses the laser to make a small opening in the cornea.

  3. Remove Lenticle The surgeon removes the lenticule through the opening. The cornea now has the correct shape and thus the strength of the eye has been corrected.

For detailed information about how it works before, during and after treatment, you can consult our patient portal.

Extensive information

This is how it works

These are the steps to go through for the Relex® SMILE treatment.

  • Step 1 Schedule an appointment
  • Step 2 We will call you
  • Step 3 The preliminary examination
  • Step 4 The treatment
  • Step 5 Aftercare
Why ReLEx SMILE at Visus eye clinic?

Why ReLEx SMILE at Visus eye clinic?

drs. Otto Wolter is the first and most experienced Relex Smile Surgeon in the Netherlands. In addition, he teaches ophthalmologists all over the world how the ReLEx® SMILE treatment should be performed. Because we perform more treatments, we can offer you the ReLEx® SMILE treatment at the lowest price in the Netherlands.

  • No.1 from Europe

    In 2022 we performed more ReLEx® SMILE treatments than any other clinic in Europe and 3th in the world.

  • 48% of all patients

    Chose Visus for their laser eye treatment

  • No.1&2 most experienced surgeons

    These two top surgeons have performed tens of thousands of successful treatments.

On behalf of my dream team, I warmly welcome you to Visus Eye Clinic. Our team is committed every day to providing the best possible care and helping our patients improve their vision and change their lives. Otto Wolter, Highest number of SMILE treatments in the Netherlands (2022)

Video testimonials

How do prominent influencers look back on their treatment at VISUS Eye Clinic. Armed with a camera and a good story, they describe their experiences.

Milan Knol Bij visus oogkliniek voor ooglaser behandeling!
Endless Weekend Mijn relex smile ooglaser behandeling.
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Do you want to know how others have experienced their laser eye treatment?

  • 5 sterren Good experience!

    Had eye laser treatment last year. Still very happy with the treatment. Good explanation by visus and the treatment only takes a short time afterwards. Got rid of all complaints pretty quickly afterwards. A little more trouble with reflections when driving in the dark with rain, but apart from that, vision is very good!

    C.Koeyvoets - 23 December 2023
  • 5 sterren Very well served

    Helped very well. Informed well beforehand, did extensive research on the best treatment for me. Was helped quickly despite the crowds. Operation successful, clear explanation of how and what to do after the operation. Good aftercare. Highly recommended.

    Thymen De Frel - 19 December 2023
  • 5 sterren Good, professional clinic

    Good, professional clinic. Had both eyes treated with the Relex Smile in September 2022. Everything is super well and tightly organised. The treatment itself seems exciting but you are well guided and all worries are taken away, you feel you are in capable hands. Aftercare also well organised. Great vision now, no need for glasses. Well worth the money!

    Bart Vermeulen - 24 November 2023
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