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Compensation for Refractive Surgery through Health Insurance

Your additional health insurance makes laser eye surgery and lens implants possible, even in 2024


To make laser eye treatments accessible to a wider audience, many health insurers reimburse part of the costs of your treatment from the supplementary insurance. Check your health insurance for 2024 below to get an insight into your (potential) reimbursement for laser eye surgery and/or lens replacement (refractive surgery). This reimbursement overview is compiled based on public information (Dec. 2022), policy terms, and reimbursement overviews, as published by health insurers for the year 2024. Visus Eye Clinic has set out the reimbursements per health insurer and per additional package for you. Please note that our publication is a representation of the maximum reimbursements for laser eye treatment and/or lens replacement for 2 eyes.

In some cases, with exceptional medical necessity and after approval from your health insurer, a refractive surgical treatment can be (partially) reimbursed from the basic insurance. For medical necessity, think of intolerance for contact lenses combined with a significant difference in diopters (>4) between both eyes. It is rare for laser eye surgery to be reimbursed from the basic insurance. Therefore, we only present the reimbursements for supplementary insurances in the overview below. The content of the basic insurance is the same for all insurers, and we assume a maximum reimbursement of €0.00.

If you might be eligible for reimbursement from the basic insurance, we will inform you about this during the extensive preliminary examination and explain the follow-up procedure for a reimbursement application.

At most health insurers, it is possible to get partial reimbursement for Laser Eye Surgery or a Lens Replacement (refractive surgery) via supplementary insurance. We advise you to thoroughly review your policy for the exact reimbursement and applicable conditions. Most insurers set additional conditions for the healthcare institution where you want to undergo the treatment. For instance, they may require that the institution is ZKN certified and that the treatment is performed by a BIG registered ophthalmologist who is a member of the Dutch Ophthalmological Society (NOG) and/or has an NGRC refractive surgeon quality mark. Visus Eye Clinic meets all these conditions.

Reimbursement overview 2022

  • Laef! 3
    Aevitae € 150
  • 50+
    CZ € 100
  • Jongeren
    CZ € 100
  • Plus
    CZ € 100
  • Top
    CZ € 125
  • Gezinnen
    CZ € 150
  • Zonderzorgen
    Interpolis € 500
  • Extra Largepolis
    De christelijke zorgverzekeraar € 750
  • Largepolis
    De christelijke zorgverzekeraar € 500
  • Zorg voor de Zorg + Extra 3
    IZZ door VGZ € 500
  • Compleet
    Nationale-Nederlanden € 100
  • Uitgebreid
    OHRA € 75
  • Uitgebreid Fysio Meenemen
    OHRA € 75
  • Benfit
    ONVZ € 75
  • Optifit
    ONVZ € 150
  • Topfit
    ONVZ € 300
  • Largepolis
    Pro Life € 500
  • Extra Largepolis
    Pro Life € 750
  • Top
    Salland € 500
  • UMC Extra Zorg 3
    Umc € 500
  • Aanvullend Best
    Univé € 500
  • Aanvullend Best
    VGZ € 500
  • Student
    VvAA € 100
  • Plus
    VvAA € 75
  • Optimaal
    VvAA € 150
  • Top
    VvAA € 300
  • Aanvullend 3 Sterren
    Zilveren Kruis € 500
  • Aanvullend 4 Sterren
    Zilveren Kruis € 750
  • AV Top
    Zorg en Zekerheid € 200
  • AV Plus
    Zorg en Zekerheid € 200
  • AV GeZZin
    Zorg en Zekerheid € 200
  • AV GeZZin (HBO/WO (studenten)
    Zorg en Zekerheid € 200
  • AV GeZZin (MBO)
    Zorg en Zekerheid € 200
  • AV Plus(HBO/WO (studenten)
    Zorg en Zekerheid € 200
  • AV Plus(MBO)
    Zorg en Zekerheid € 200
  • AV top (MBO)
    Zorg en Zekerheid € 200
  • AV top(HBO/WO (studenten)
    Zorg en Zekerheid € 200
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