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Are the results permanent after laser eye surgery?

Of course everyone who is considering laser eye surgery wants to know whether the result is permanent. The result of an eye laser treatment is permanent; the effect cannot be undone. The cornea of the eye is so deformed by the treatment that it can no longer return to the old situation. However, this does not mean that your eyesight and strength cannot change over the years.

As you get older, for example, you can develop cataracts. Reading glasses and other ‘age ailments’ also come into play at some point. Unfortunately we don’t have a solution for that yet. Some people think that laser eye surgery is the reason for reading glasses. However, that is not true. Reading problems (pre-sightedness) have nothing to do with the cornea, but with the aging process of the eye’s own lens. There are solutions for this problem, such as Monovision or a lens replacement treatment.

Otto Wolter